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Two of my great passions in life are travel and photography. On one hand, travel allows me to get to know other countries, cultures and people and on the other hand, photography allows me to capture all these moments and emotions in space and time that inspire me as an individual and, therefore, inspire the way I see the world through my photography.


My artistic nature led me to study Film and TV Direction at the Hellenic Cinema and Television School Stavrakos in Athens, Greece from where I graduated back in 2001. I then started my career in the television production industry in which I continue working until today.


While my interest in photography has been accompanying me throughout my life, it became really evident that photography is my true passion after I participated in various workshops and courses. This gave me the unique opportunity to re-evaluate my whole life, wants, needs, and priorities.


And here I am today! I am someone who was able to turn his passion into reality…I am now a professional photographer, spending most of my time capturing my and others’ world in an instant with my camera.


Have a look for yourself…enjoy!

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george stamatiou

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